Remoting and web services using Spring by R4R Team

Remoting and web services using Spring

Spring provides various ways to develop remote services. Remote services are services hosted on remote servers and accessed by clients over the network.

For example, lets say you are developing a desktop application that needs to connect to a central server. The desktop application can be on various machines. you can use spring remoting to connect the clients on the desktop to the server. Web services developed using JAX-WS can also be developed and integrated using Spring. Currently, Spring supports the following remoting technologies:

1 RMI - Remote Method Invocation - Use RMI to invoke a remote method. The java objects are serialized

2 Hessian - Transfer binary data between the client and the server.

3 Burlap - Transfer XML data between the client and the server. It is the XML alternative to Hessian

4 JAX-WS - Java XML API for Web Services.

5 Spring’s HTTP invoker. Spring provides a special remoting strategy which allows for Java serialization via HTTP, supporting any Java interface . The corresponding support classes are HttpInvokerProxyFactoryBean and HttpInvokerServiceExporter.

6 JMS. Remoting using JMS as the underlying protocol is supported via the JmsInvokerServiceExporter and JmsInvokerProxyFactoryBean classes.

7 AMQP. Remoting using AMQP as the underlying protocol is supported by the Spring AMQP project.

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