Variables and Constructors in SpEL by R4R Team

Variables and Constructors in SpEL:-
Variables can be referenced in the expression using the syntax #variableName. Variables are set using the method setVariable on the StandardEvaluationContext.

Employee emp = new Employee("Vipul Sharma", "Proff");

StandardEvaluationContext context = new StandardEvaluationContext(emp);

context.setVariable("newName", "Rahul Sharma");

parser.parseExpression("Name = #newName").getValue(context);

System.out.println(emp.getName()) // "Rahul Sharma"


Constructors can be invoked using the new operator.

Employee emp = p.parseExpression(

"new org.spring.samples.spel.emp.Employee('Vipul Sharma', 'India')")


//create new emp instance within add method of List


"Members.add(new org.spring.samples.spel.emp.Employee(

'Vipul Sharma', 'India'))").getValue(societyContext);

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