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Operators in SpEL:-
We can use many operators in SpEL such as arithmetic, relational, logical etc. There are given a lot of examples of using different operators in SpEL.

Relational operators

The relational operators; equal, not equal, less than, less than or equal, greater than, and greater than or equal are supported using standard operator notation.

//evaluates to true

boolean trueValue = parser.parseExpression("3 == 3").getValue(Boolean.class);

//evaluates to false

boolean falseValue = parser.parseExpression("2 < -1.0").getValue(Boolean.class);

//evaluates to true

boolean trueValue = parser.parseExpression("'bay' < 'boy'").getValue(Boolean.class);

Logical operators

The logical operators that are supported are and, or, and not. Their use is below.

//-- AND --

//evaluates to false

boolean falseValue = parser.parseExpression("true and false").getValue(Boolean.class);

//evaluates to true

String expression = "isMember('Vipul Sharma') and isMember('Employee')";

boolean trueValue = parser.parseExpression(expression).getValue(societyContext, Boolean.class);

//-- OR --

//evaluates to true

boolean trueValue = parser.parseExpression("true or false").getValue(Boolean.class);

//evaluates to true

String expression = "isMember('Vipul Sharma') or isMember('Social Service')";

boolean trueValue = parser.parseExpression(expression).getValue(societyContext, Boolean.class);

//-- NOT --

//evaluates to false

boolean falseValue = parser.parseExpression("!true").getValue(Boolean.class);

//-- AND and NOT --

String expression = "isMember('Vipul Sharma') and !isMember('Employee')";

boolean falseValue = parser.parseExpression(expression).getValue(societyContext, Boolean.class);

Mathematical operators

The addition operator can be used on both numbers and strings. Subtraction, multiplication and division can be used only on numbers. Other mathematical operators supported are modulus (%) and exponential power (^).


int num = parser.parseExpression("5 + 1").getValue(Integer.class); // 6

String testString = parser.parseExpression(

"'hello' + ' ' + 'spring'").getValue(String.class); // hello spring


int num = parser.parseExpression("2 - -3").getValue(Integer.class); // 5

double d = parser.parseExpression("1000.00 - 1e4").getValue(Double.class); // -9000


int num = parser.parseExpression("-3 * -3").getValue(Integer.class); // 9

double num = parser.parseExpression("2.0 * 3e0 * 4").getValue(Double.class); // 24.0


int num = parser.parseExpression("6 /2").getValue(Integer.class); // 3

double num = parser.parseExpression("8.0 / 4e0 / 2").getValue(Double.class); // 1.0


int num = parser.parseExpression("7 % 2").getValue(Integer.class); // 1

int num = parser.parseExpression("8 / 5 % 2").getValue(Integer.class); // 1

//Operator precedence

int num = parser.parseExpression("1+2-3*4").getValue(Integer.class); // -9

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