Array and metod in SpEL by R4R Team

Array and metod in SpEL:-

Arrays can be built using the familiar Java syntax are as follows:

int[] num1 = (int[]) parser.parseExpression("new int[4]").getValue(context);

//Array with initializer

int[] num2 = (int[]) parser.parseExpression("new int[]{1,2,3,4}").getValue(context);

//Multi dimensional array

int[][] num3 = (int[][]) parser.parseExpression("new int[4][5]").getValue(context);

Methods are invoked using typical Java programming syntax. You may also invoke methods on literals.

//string literal, evaluates to "pu"

String c = parser.parseExpression("'vipul'.substring(3, 4)").getValue(String.class);

//evaluates to true

boolean isMember = parser.parseExpression("isMember('Vipul Sharma')").getValue(

societyContext, Boolean.class);

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