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Literal expressions in SpEL:-
The types of literal expressions supported are strings, dates, numeric values (int, real, and hex), boolean and null. Strings are delimited by single quotes.To put a single quote itself in a string use two single quote characters. The following listing shows simple usage of literals.

ExpressionParser parser = new SpelExpressionParser();

//evals to "Hello World"

String helloWorld = (String) parser.parseExpression("'Hello World'").getValue();

double avogadrosNumber = (Double) parser.parseExpression("6.0221415E+23").getValue();

//evals to 2147483647

int maxValue = (Integer) parser.parseExpression("0x7FFFFFFF").getValue();

boolean trueValue = (Boolean) parser.parseExpression("true").getValue();

Object nullValue = parser.parseExpression("null").getValue();

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