Spring EL in XML or ((XML based configuration) by R4R Team

Expression support for defining bean definitions:-
SpEL expressions can be used with XML or annotation-based configuration metadata for defining BeanDefinitions. In both cases the syntax to define the expression is of the form:
#{<expression string>}.

Spring EL in XML((XML based configuration):-
The SpEL are enclosed with #{ SpEL expression }, see below example in XML bean definition file.





id="empBean" class="com.r4r.in.Employee">

"name" value="vipul" />

"age" value="20" />

"studBean" class="com.r4r.in.Student">

"name" value="#{empBean}" />

"studName" value="#{empBean.name}" />

1 #{empBean} – inject “empBean” into “studBean” bean’s “name” property.
2 #{empBean.name} – inject “empBean”‘s “name” property into “studBean” bean’s “studName” property.


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