Advantage of ORM Frameworks with Spring by R4R Team

Advantage of ORM Frameworks with Spring:-

There are a lot of advantage of Spring framework in respect to ORM frameworks. There are as follows:
1 Easy testing. Spring’s IoC approach makes it easy to swap the implementations and configuration locations of Hibernate SessionFactory instances, JDBC DataSource instances, transaction managers, and mapped object implementations.

2 Better exceptions handling. Spring can wrap exceptions from your ORM tool, converting them from proprietary (potentially checked) exceptions to a common runtime DataAccessException hierarchy. This feature allows you to handle most persistence exceptions, which are non-recoverable, only in the appropriate layers, without annoying boilerplate catches, throws, and exception declarations.

3 General resource management. Spring application contexts can handle the location and configuration of Hibernate SessionFactory instances, JPA EntityManagerFactory instances, JDBC DataSource instances, and other related resources. This makes these values easy to manage and change. Spring offers efficient, easy, and safe handling of persistence resources.

4 Integrated transaction management.
You can wrap your ORM code with a declarative, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) style method interceptor either through the @Transactional annotation or by explicitly configuring the transaction AOP advice in an XML configuration file. In both cases, transaction semantics and exception handling (rollback, and so on) are handled for you.

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