Spring framework goals by R4R Team

Spring framework goals:-There are several Goals of Spring framework as follows-
 1 Make J2EE easier to use
 2 Address end-to-end requirements rather than one tier 
 3 Eliminate need for middle tier “glue”
 4 Provide the best Inversion of Control solution
 5 Provide a pure Java AOP implementation, focused on solving common problems in J2EE
 6 Fully portable across application servers
     a Core container can run in any environment, not only a server
     b Works well in WebSphere
 7 Non-invasive framework
    a Application code has minimal or no dependency on Spring APIs
    b Key principal seen throughout Spring’s design
    c More power to the POJO
 8 Facilitate unit testing
    a Allow effective TDD
    b Allow business objects to be unit tested outside the container
 9 Facilitate OO best practice
    a We’re used to implementing “EJB” or “J2EE” applications rather than OO applications. 
    b It doesn’t have to be this way.
 10 Provide a good alternative to EJB for many applications
 11 Enhance productivity compared to “traditional” J2EE approaches.
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