Advantages of Spring Framework by R4R Team

Advantages of Spring Framework:-

1 Spring is Lightweight container
2 No App Server Dependent like EJB JNDI Calls
3 Objects are created Lazily , Singleton - configuration
4 Components can added Declaratively
5 Initialization of properties is easy no need to read from properties file
6 Declarative transaction, security and logging service - AOP

7 application code is much easier to unit test
8 With a Dependency Injection approach, dependencies are explicit, and evident in constructor or JavaBean properties
9 Spring's configuration management services can be used in any architectural layer, in whatever runtime environment.
10 Spring can effectively organize your middle tier objects
11 Not required special deployment steps.

12 Spring has layered architecture. Use what you need and leave you don't need now.
13 Spring Enables POJO Programming. There is no behind the scene magic here. POJO programming enables continuous integration and testability.
14 Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Simplifies JDBC
15 Spring is aOpen source and no vendor lock-in.

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