History of Spring Framework by R4R Team

History of Spring Framework :-

1 Year 2002, Rod Johnson release it's first version
2 March 2004, first version release under Apache 2.0 license
3 In Year 2004 and 2005 further milestone release was make available to the developers
4 Year 2006 Spring 1.2.6 released
5 In December 2009, version 3.0 GA was released
6 June 15, 2010, Spring 3.0.3 released
7 Spring 3.1 in December 2011, and Spring 3.2.5 in November 2013
8 The current version is Spring Framework 4.0, which was released in December 2013.
improvements in Spring 4.0 include support for Java SE 8, Groovy 2, some aspects of Java EE7, and WebSocket.
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