EJB Integration Introduction with Spring by R4R Team

EJB Integration

Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) can be used extensively in Spring’s environment. The transparent support available in Spring for using the Stateless and the Stateful Session Beans in Spring.As a lightweight container, Spring is often considered an EJB replacement. We do believe that for many if not most applications and use cases, Spring as a container, combined with its rich supporting functionality in the area of transactions, ORM and JDBC access, is a better choice than implementing equivalent functionality via an EJB container and EJBs.

It is important to note that using Spring does not prevent you from using EJBs. Spring makes it much easier to access EJBs and implement EJBs and functionality within them. Additionally, using Spring to access services provided by EJBs allows the implementation of those services to later transparently be switched between local EJB, remote EJB, or POJO (plain old Java object) variants, without the client code having to be changed.

API Support for EJB in Spring-

The Spring Distribution for providing integration support of Enterprise Beans.That provide the important classes available in the following packages:



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