JMS API Architecture by R4R Team

JMS API Architecture:-

The main components of JMS API are below here.
1 JMS Client :- The Java application which produces/consumes message is known as JMS Client.

2 Service Provider :- A messaging system which implements the JMS interfaces.There are Many service providers are available. Examples are open JMS , JBoss Messaging .

3 Messages :- Messages are objects using to communicate between clients.

4 Administered Objects : These are preconfigured objects. Two types of administered objects are destinations and connection factories.

a) Connection factory: It is an administered object with which a connection between JMS client and Service provider is establishing.

b) Destination : Destination is the object into which a JMS client targets its messages. Also the JMS client receives messages from the destination. And hence the JMS system is loosely coupled .

5 Native Clients :- They uses Message Products native API instead of JMS API.

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