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What is the new Features of Spring 3.0 Framework?

 Following are some new features of Spring 3.0 Framework as :
 1 Java 5 Support: The core API of Spring 3.0 framework is using JDK 5, so JDK 5 or above is  required to run Spring 3.0 based applications. The Spring 3.0 framework provides annotation-based  configuration support. JDK 5 features such as generics, annotations and varargs can used in Spring 3.0  Framework based applications. The Spring 3.0 framework is based on JDK 1.5 and it fully supports  JDK 6. The Spring 3.0 is fully compatible with the JEE1.4 and EE5.
 2 Expression language - Spring Expression Language (SpEL): In this release of Spring framework  Expression language support is present. The Spring Expression Language can be used while defining  the XML and Annotation based bean definition.
 3 Support for Comprehensive REST Webservices: Spring 3.0 framework supports REST web  services.
 4 Java EE 6 Support: Spring 3.0 supports many features of JEE 6 such as JAP 2.0 and JSF 2.0.
 5 Annotation based formatting support: Spring comes with Annotation based formatting support.  For example bean fields can be automatically formatted and converted using different annotations. For  example you can use the @DateFimeFormat(iso=ISO.DATE) and  @NumberFormat(style=Style.CURRENCY) annotations to convert the date and currency formats.

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