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What are the difference between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext in spring?

There are some differences between BeanFactoy and ApplicationContext in Spring as follows:

                           ApplicationContext                                       BeanFactory
1 Here we can have more than one config files possible. 1 In this only one config file or .xml file.

2 Application contexts can publish events to beans that are registered as listeners

2 Doesn’t support.
3 Support internationalization (I18N) messages. 3 It’s not.
4 Support application life-cycle events, and validation. 4 Doesn’t support.
5 Support many enterprise services such JNDI access, EJB integration, remoting 5 Doesn’t support.
6 Application contexts provide a generic way to load file resources, such as images. 6 It's not.
7 Application contexts provide a means for resolving text messages. 7 It's not.
8 ResourceLoader support: Spring’s Resource interface us a flexible generic abstraction for handling low-level resources. An application context itself is a ResourceLoader, Hence provides an application with access to deployment-specific Resource instances.
8 It's not.

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