Introduction To Pandas In Python by R4R Team

Pandas is the most popular and important python library that is used for data analysis or data science.It provides highly optimized performance with back-end source code is purely written in C or Python.

Import this library in your program :

-Importing any library or module means that we are able to call the methods of the library which we import.
import is a keyword that are used to import the any module or librray.

1. import pandas
-Here we just import the pandas library but not import everything from it.
-any method of pandas are call by pandas.method()

2. from pandas import *
-Here we import all methods which written in pandas library, and we directly call their methods by the method name.
-No need of object to call the methods.

3. import pandas as pa
-It is similar as first one but in this case we call the methods by pa.method()

Install pandas

-Goto search icon on your window screen.
-Search 'cmd'
-Write the following command:

pip install pandas

we can analyze the data in pandas with :

1. Series
2. DataFrames

Series :

-series is one dimensional array defined in pandas library that can be used to store any data type.



Here data can be
1. scalar value like string,integer,float
2. python dictionary
3. Ndarray

-Here index part is optional, by default it is 0,1,2,3,4,......


-It is a two dimensional data structure defined in pandas which consists of rows and columns.



Here data can be :
1. one or more dictionary.
2. one or more series
3. 2D numpy Ndarray

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