Subtraction of binary number in python by R4R Team

Binary number

-It is a number which expressed in the base-2 numeral system,
-Binary numbers are 0 or 1.

Subtraction of two binary number -


b1=1010 // 10 in decimal
b2=101 // 5 in decimal

then subtraction of b1 and b2 is 101 // 5 in decimal

program -

print("Enter first binary number")
print("Enter second binary number")

print("Subtraction of two binary number is - "+s)

output -

Enter first binary number
Enter second binary number
Subtraction of two binary number is - 0b101

Enter first binary number
Enter second binary number
Subtraction of two binary number is - -0b101

-In this program, firstly we take two input,
- int(n,2) derive the decimal equivalent so we find the decimal of both the number then subtract the second by first number.
- then using the bin() function we convert the decimal number into binary again. and this is the required ans.
- Here in second output negative binary number shows the -5 in decimal.

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