sleep() function in python by R4R Team

- sleep() is a python function predefined in 'math' library, which are used to pause the current execution of the program.
- by pausing the current execution, we give a chance to some other process to execute for some time.



-Here we pass a number as a argument and unit of number is in seconds.


sleep(10) pause the current execution for 10 seconds
sleep(5) pause the current execution for 5 seconds
sleep(1) pause the current execution for 1 seconds


import time

print("Start at",time.ctime())

#pause execution for 10 seconds
print("After 10 second",time.ctime())

#pause execution for 20 seconds
print("After 20 second",time.ctime())

#pause execution for 5 seconds
print("After 5 second",time.ctime())


Start at Fri May 3 06:55:37 2019
After 10 second Fri May 3 06:55:47 2019
After 20 second Fri May 3 06:56:07 2019
After 5 second Fri May 3 06:56:12 2019

-In this program, we start execution at some time shown in above output, then we use sleep(10) which pause this current program for 10 seconds.

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