History/History Competitive MCQS Questions and Options Part 2 Sample Test,Sample questions

Aligarh Movement towards the end revented its followers from joining the national movement. Which of the following reasons made it to take this decision though it initially propagated for unity?

1.It felt that immediate political progress was not possible and British Government couldn’t be easily dislodged

2.Indians are educationally forward so in order to suppress them their activities need to discouraged

3.Gain support of British officials

4.National movement is waste of time so should concentrate on other works

 Temple entry movement started mainly in Kerala aimed at which of the following

1.Allowing untouchables to Hindu temples and roads

2.Keeping the monopoly of temples to Brahmin class

3.Allowing women to enter temple

4.Sanskrit lessons to be imparted only to Brahmin family members and others to be devoid of it in order to preserve its purity.

 The Bengal Regulation Act of 1829 dealt with which of the following issues primarily:

1.Abolition of sati

2.Female infanticide

3.Child marriages

4.Dowry prohibition

 Which of the following act was the revision of Vernacular Act?

1.Indian Press act, 1910

2.Newspaper Act, 1908

3. Both A & B

4.None of the above

 Which of the following are the main reasons for failure of Young Bengal Movement? I. Suppression by British new law II. Did not involve peasant cause III. Radicalism was bookish in character and did not develop links with masses Codes: 

1. Only I

2.Only II

3.Both II and III

4.All the above

 Which of the following are the reasons for which Wahabi / Walliullah movement was started?

1.Spreading education among Muslim women

2.Encouraging to give up puradh system

3.Reviving Muslim principles in response to western influences

4.Propagating Quran as the only source

Charles wood’s dispatch deals with which of the following issues?

1.Child marriages

2.Female education

3.Abolition of sati

4. Female infanticide

Consider the following statement (s) related to the administrative causes of the 1857 revolt and select the correct one.

1. Deprivation of the traditional ruling classes of their luxury due to the establishment of the company's suzerainty over the Indian states;

2.Introduction of new and revenue system which snatched the land from cultivator and gave it to the moneylender or traitor.

3.Lord Canning's announcement to that Mughals would lose the title of King and be mere Princess.

4.None of the above

Consider the following statements related to the cause of the 1857  revolt and select the right one.

1.It was a great disparity in salaries between the Indian and European soldiers.

2.The Indian sepoys were treated with contempt by their European officers.C

3.The sepoys were sent to distant parts of the empire but were not paid any extra allowance.

4.All the above

Faraizi Movement which aimed at removing social reforms in muslims started in which of the following regions?

1.East Bengal

2.Madhya Pradesh



Henry Vivian Derozio started young Bengal movement with the inspiration of which revolutionary ideas?

1.Industrial revolution

2.French revolution

3.American Revolution

4.Marxian theory

Who was the founder of Satyashodhak Samaj?

1.Jyotiba Phule

2.Gopal Hari Deshmukh

3. Mahadew Govind Ranade

4.Ramakrishna Bhandarkar

Sir Huge Rose described whom as ‘the best and bravest military leader of the rebel’?

1.Begum Hazrat Mahal

2.Rani Laxmi Bai

3. Kuwar Singh

4.Bahadur Shah Zafar

Social reforms were a major task of the theosophical society. With respect to Indian traditions and culture, which one does not find its occurrence in the societal activities?  I. Resistance to child marriage. II. Resistance to widow remarriage. III. Spread of education. IV. Abolition of caste and Untouchability. V. Accommodation of conversion in religious faith. Codes:

1.I and III

2.II and IV

3.II, V

4.only V

The first lawful Hindu widow remarriage among upper castes in our country was celebrated under which of the following reformer:

1. Raja Rammohan Roy

2. Keshub Chandra Sen

3.Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

4.Gopal Krishna Gokhale

The following are the legislative contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy

1.Abolition of sati

2.Indianisation of superior services

3.Reduction of export duties on Indian goods

4.Abolition of east India company’s trading rights

The following are the lessons taught to masses i.e. Muslim women in particular

1.Urged the Muslims to give up medieval customs and ways of thought and behavior

2.Removal of purdah and spread of education

3.Both A and B

4.None of the above.

The main purpose of Brahmo Samaj for which it was set up are-

1.Purify Hinduism and to preach monotheism

2.Criticize social evils, oppose idolatry and emphasize human dignity

3.Both A and B

4.None of the above

The theosophical society was marked by the close understanding of the cosmos and the mundane life. Which among the listed options is not a part of their curriculum?



3.Means of enlightenment.

4.Mystic superstition.

Titu mir’s movement considered one of the Muslim reform movement mainly aimed at eradicating which of the following systems?


2.Against Hindu landlords and British indigo planters

3. Easy divorce

4.Working against Indian national movement

Wahabi movement aimed to organize Muslims around two fold ideas, which of the following forms the ideas among them? I. Harmony among 4 schools of Muslim which were divided at that time II. Recognition of the role of individual conscience in religion as conflicting interpretations were derived from quran and other practices. Options are-

1.Only I

2. Only II

3. Both I and II

4.None of the above stated

What was the original name of Dayananda Saraswati?

1.Malku das

2.Mul Shankara



What was the role of Tatia Tope in the 1857 mutiny?

1.He was commander-in-chief of the army of Nana Saheb

2.He organized Bhils of Panchamahal region against the British

3.Both A and B

4.Neither A nor B

Where was Narayana Guru born?

1. Kerala




Where was the Devdasi System prevailed in India?

1.Southern India

2.Northern India

3.East India

4.West  India

Which among the following names is not associated with the theosophical society?

1.Col. Occolt.

2.Madame Blavatsky.

3.Annie Besant.

4.Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Which of the following are the paths chosen by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa towards salvation

1.Gyana marg

2.Belief in one single god monotheism

3.Vedas and Upanishads are the only way to salvation

4.Renunciation, meditation and devotion

Which of the following cannot be said to be a cardinal principle of the theosophical society?

1.It questioned the ancient philosophies that dominated the Indian thinking.

2.Aimed Hindu spiritual wisdom through western enlightenment.

3. It believed in the existence of unique connections between god and every being.

4.It believed in the possibility of reincarnation and karma.

Which of the following ideas propagated through Ramakrishna Mission? I. Social and religious reform II. Women education III. Doctrine of service IV. Service of jiva and worship of Shiva. Code:

1. Both I and II

2.II, III and IV

3.III and IV

4. I, III and IV

Which of the following is called “Magna Carta of English Education in India”?

1.Wood’s Dispatch

2.Macaulay Commission

3.Vernacular Act

4.Both A & B

Which of the following is considered as the main reason for division of Brahmo Samaj?

1.Resolutely opposing Christian missionaries and their work against Hinduism

2.Internal conflicts among Debendranath Tagore and Keshub Chandra Sen for including teachings of all religions

3.Lack of strong propagator of views

4.Opposition by people for disturbing traditional caste practices like abolition of sati, widow remarriage and women education.

Which of the following is not correct about Arya Samaj?

1.The Arya Samajists opposed child marriages and encouraged remarriage of widows.

2.It was founded in 1875.

3.Its main motive was to promote faith in one God.

4.None of the above is correct.

Which of the following is one of the social reasons for 1857 revolt?

1.The English could not establish any social relationship with the Indians.

2.The racial arrogance of the British created a difference between the rulers and the ruled.

3. Both A & B

4.The company’s trade policy destroyed Indian handicrafts.

Which of the following is/are the main aim/s of Young Bengal Movement?

1.Inspire pupil to think freely and rationally

2.Question all authority and oppose decadent customs and traditions

3. Love liberty, equality and freedom

4.All the above

Which of the following leader associated with Barout in Uttar Pradesh during the 1857 revolts?

1.Shah Mal

2.Maulavi Ahamadullah Shah

3.Tatya Tope

4.Veer Kuwar Singh

Which of the following reasons can be attributed to the success of Ramakrishna mission?

1.Focused mainly on teachings of Upanishads and Vedas

2.Popularized the saying” for our own motherland a junction of both Hinduism and Islam is necessary”

3. Though a religious body never considered itself as a sect of Hinduism

4.Worked for upliftment of depressed classes.

Which of the following reform is the legislative contribution of Raja Rammohan Roy?

1.Abolition of sati

2.Indianisation of superior services

3.Reduction of export duties on Indian goods

4.Abolition of east India company’s trading rights

Which of the following statement is not correct?

1.Veda Samaj was established in Madras in 1864.

2.By drawing inspiration from the Brahmo Samaj, the Veda Samaj was established.

3.An outstanding leader of the reform movements in western India was Kandukuri Veeresalingam.

4.Veda Samaj also condemned superstitions and rituals of orthodox Hinduism and propagated belief in one supreme God.

Which of the following statement regarding Henry Vivian Derozio are correct? I. He is an Anglo-Indian II. Was called first nationalist poet of modern India III. He taught at Hindu college and was later removed because of his radicalism Codes:

1.Only I

2.Only I and II

3.Only II and III

4.All the above

Which of the following works taken up even after the decline of the movement?

1.Fight for women’s rights and education

2.Carry forward Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s tradition of public education on social, economic and political questions.

3.Took up farmers issues and fought for their better treatment and against oppressive zamindars

4.All the above

Which of the means adopted under Self Respect Movement?  I. Violent protests against upper classes II. Undermine position of Brahmin priests by formalizing weddings without them III. Boycott of temples and places of Brahmin residence Options are- 

1.I and III

2. Only II

3.Only III

4.All the above

Who advocated the concept of one caste, one religion and one God’ for all?

1.Mahatma Gandhi

2.Narayan Guru


4.Swami Vivekananda

Who among the following British Officials suppressed the Revolt of Jhansi?

1.Colin Campbell

2.Henry Havelock

3.Henry Lawrence

4.Hugh Rose

Who among the following initiated reforms among Muslims?

1.Muhammad Iqbal

2.Sayyid Ahmad Khan

3.Naoriji Furdonji

4.Altaf Husain Hali

Who among the following is the great disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and helped in spreading the message that there are many roads to god and salvation and service of god for man was embodiment of god?

1.Raja Rammohan Roy

2.Swami Vivekananda

3.Swami Dayananda Saraswati

4.Annie Besant

Who founded the Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam?

1.Daya Nand Saraswati

2. Periyar Swami

3.Narayan Guru

4.Gopal Hari Deshmukh

Who is the author of the book “Satyarth Prakash”?

1.Dayanand Saraswati

2.Rajaram Mohan Ray

3.Mahadev Govind Ranade

4.Ramakrishna Bhandarkar

Who is the author of the book” The First Indian War of Independence- 1857-59”?

1.Karl Marx

2.Syed Ahmad Khan

3.R. C. Mazumdar

4.S. N. Sen

Who was the governor-general during the Revolt of 1857?

1. Lord Canning

2.Lord Irwin

3.Lord Lytton

4. Lord Willington

Who was the prominent leader in Lucknow during the Revolt of 1857?

1.Begum Hazrat Mahal

2.Rani Laxmi Bai

3.Kuar Singh

4.Bahadur Shah Zafar


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