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What is the difference between custom JSP tags and JavaBeans?

 In the context of a JSP page, both accomplish similar goals but the differences are:

                custom tags                 javabeans
Can manipulate JSP content Can't manipulate JSP content
Custom tags can simplify the complex operations much better than the bean can. But require a bit more work to set up. Easier to set up
Used only in JSPs in a relatively self-contained manner. Can be used in both Servlets and JSPs. You can define a bean in one Servlet and use them in another Servlet or a JSP page.

JavaBeans declaration and usage example:

<jsp:useBean id="identifier" class="packageName.className"/>

<jsp:setProperty name="identifier" property="classField" value="someValue" />

<jsp:getProperty name="identifier" property="classField" />

<%=identifier.getclassField() %>

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