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Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?.

J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?

 The Midlet applications API can divided into J2ME is divided into Configurations, Profiles, and Optional APIs packages.
 1. Configuration describes a set of APIs, mostely subset of J2SE APIs, this subset      include fundamental packages like java.lang( Object classes), java.io                (Stream      classes), java.util (collection classes).
 2. Profile is more specific and subsets of configuration, a profile usually include a      set of basic APIs for application life cycle, user interface, and persistent                storage.
 3. Optional APIs define specific additional functionality that may be include in a        particular configuration or profile.
 Since Midlet is have subset of J2SE API so it won't support most of classes define into J2SE package. therefore J2SE application won't run into J2ME device.

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