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Explain K Virtual Machine and its architecture?

K Virtual Machine and its architecture:

The K virtual machine (KVM) is Sun's newest Java virtual machine technology and is designed for products with approximately 128K of available memory. The KVM fills a very important role in Sun's Java virtual machine product offerings, and will form a part of a completely new Java runtime environment. This environment is highly optimized for small-memory limited-resource connected devices such as cellular phones, pagers, PDAs, set-top boxes, and point-of-sale terminals.
The KVM evolved from a research project at Sun Laboratories. It is a derivative of The Java Virtual Machine Specification, written from scratch in C, with special emphasis in these key areas:

1.Optimized for small size
2.Easily portable to different platforms
3.Modular and extensible
4.Source code base written from scratch
5.As "complete" and "fast" as possible without significantly increasing footprint.
List some Property Supported by J2ME?
1. No authorizing costs required for the SDK
2. Better client interfaces with graphics
3. The proficiency to function off-line out of wireless treatment
4. Introduced advanced security
5. Submissions over stages and apparatus consistently
6. Peer-to-peer networking 

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