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what type of JAR Files is uses in j2me?.

JAR Files:

Something About Manifest File:

  • Nine attributes are defined in this file.The first six attributes are necessary.
  • The file’s extension is changed to .mf when the MIDlet is prepared for deployment.
  • All entries are name:value pairs.
  • Each pair must be terminated with a carriage return.
  • Whitespace between the colon and the attribute value is ignored.

Here are Necessary Attributes of a Manifest File :

  • MIDlet-Name: MIDlet suite name.
  • MIDlet-Version: MIDlet version number.
  • MIDlet-Vendor: Name of the vendor who supplied the MIDlet.
  • MIDlet-n: Attribute per MIDlet. Values are MIDlet name, optional icon, and MIDlet class name.
  • MicroEdition-Profile: Identifies the J2ME profile that is necessary to run the MIDlet.
  • MicroEdition-Configuration: Identifies the J2ME configuration that is necessary to run the MIDlet.

Optional Attributes are

  • MIDlet-Icon: Icon associated with MIDlet, must be in PNG image format.
  • MIDlet-Description: Description of MIDlet.
  • MIDlet-Info-URL: URL containing more information about the MIDlet.

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