Scrollable iteration in Hibernate by R4R Team

When we want to use the JDBC driver supports scrollable ResultSets, the Query interface can be used to obtain a ScrollableResults object that allows flexible navigation of the query results.

Query q = sess.createQuery("select, student from DomesticStudent student " + "order by");
ScrollableResults students = q.scroll();
if ( students.first() ) {

    // Here we can find the first name on each page of an alphabetical list of cats by name
    firstNamesOfPages = new ArrayList();
        String name = students.getString(0);

    while ( cats.scroll(PAGE_SIZE) );

    // Now get the first page of students
    pageOfCats = new ArrayList();
    int i=0;
    while( ( PAGE_SIZE > i++ ) && ) pageOfCats.add( cats.get(1) );


We have to remember is that an open database connection and cursor is required for this functionality. Use setMaxResult()/setFirstResult() if you need offline pagination functionality.
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