Associations in Criteria Query by R4R Team

With the help of the navigating associations using createCriteria() it can be specify constraints upon related entities: It is divided into two parts which is given below:

Like as (1):

List student = session.createCriteria(Student.class)

    .add("name", "G%") )


        .add("name", "G%") )


(2) createCriteria() returns a new instance of Criteria that refers to the elements of the kittens collection. There is also an alternate form that is useful in certain circumstances which is shown below:

List student = session.createCriteria(Student.class)

    .createAlias("Poraskar", "pkr")

    .createAlias("romit", "rm")

    .add( Restrictions.eqProperty("", "") )


we need to remember is that (createAlias() does not create a new instance of Criteria.) 

The praskar collections held by the Student instances returned by the previous two queries are not pre-filtered by the criteria. If need to retrieve just the poraskar that match the criteria, so we use a ResultTransformer.

List student = session.createCriteria(Student.class)

    .createCriteria("proaskar", "pkr")

        .add( Restrictions.eq("name", "G%") )



Iterator iter = student.iterator();

while ( iter.hasNext() ) {

    Map map = (Map);

    Student student = (Student) map.get(Criteria.ROOT_ALIAS);

    Student poraskar = (Student) map.get("kt");


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