Types of Join in Hibernate by R4R Team

Types of Join in Hibernate: Hibernate supports four types of joins.

1. Left Join
2. Right  Join
3. Full Join
4. Inner Join

Description: Inner Join is the Default Join in the Hibernate.

2. Left join means, the objects from both sides of the join are selected and more objects  from left side are selected, even though no equal objects are there at right side

3. Right join means equal objects are selected from database and more objects are from right side of join are selected even though there is no equal objects are exist left side

4. Full join means, both equal and un-equal objects from both sides of join are selected
Inner join means only equal objects are selected  and the remaining are discarded

5. At the time of construction the join statements, we need to use the properties created in pojo class to apply relationship between the objects. To construct a join statement, we use either HQL, or NativeSql.
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