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In the discriminator a restricted set of types can be used: string, character, integer, byte, short, boolean, yes_no, true_false.

<discriminator> element is required for polymorphic persistence using the table-per-class-hierarchy mapping strategy. discriminator declares a  column of the table. The discriminator column contains marker values that tell the persistence layer what subclass to instantiate for a particular row. 

<discriminator column="discriminator_column" type="discriminator_type" force="true|false" insert="true|false" formula="arbitrary sql expression"/>

1. column (optional - defaults to class): the name of the discriminator column.

2. type (optional - defaults to string): a name that indicates the Hibernate type

3. force (optional - defaults to false): "forces" Hibernate to specify the allowed discriminator values, even when retrieving all instances of the root class.

4. insert (optional - defaults to true): set this to false if your discriminator column is also part of a mapped composite identifier. It tells Hibernate not to include the column in SQL INSERTs.

5. formula (optional): an arbitrary SQL expression that is executed when a type has to be evaluated. It allows content-based discrimination.

Actual values of the discriminator column are specified by the discriminator-value attribute of the <class> and <subclass> elements.

The force attribute is only useful if the table contains rows with "extra" discriminator values that are not mapped to a persistent class. This will not usually be the case.

The formula attribute allows to declare an arbitrary SQL expression that will be used to evaluate the type of a row. 

For example:

<discriminator formula="case when CLASS_TYPE in ('a', 'b', 'c') then 0 else 1 end" type="intege.>

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