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Hibernate require to find the mapping information that defines how java class related to the database table and it also require a set of configuration setting related to database and other related parameter. For supplying the type of information we have xml file that is hibernate.properties and hibernate.cfg.xml. we define the hibernate properties in hibernate.cfg.xml.hibernate.dialect is that type of property that use to generate to appropriate SQL for the chosen database. Hibernate is the database independent. So when ever and what ever we use in our hibernate application than we need to use the dialect relate to the database.

Example: If we use the mysql database then we need to use 

The first line of portability for Hibernate is the dialect, which is a specialization of the org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect contract. A dialect encapsulates all the differences in how Hibernate must communicate with a particular database to accomplish some task like getting a sequence value or structuring a SELECT query. Hibernate bundles a wide range of dialects for many of the most popular databases. If you find that your particular database is not among them, it is not terribly difficult to write your own.

Hibernate.dialect property tells Hibernate to generate the appropriate SQL statements for the chosen database. hibernate.dialect property makes Hibernate to generate the appropriate SQL statements for the chosen database. Dialect is the SQL dialect that your database uses.
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