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What is ORM ?

ORM stands for object/relational mapping.ORM is way through which we persist tables data and their relationship in between as POJO classes.

ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is the fundamental concept which maps database tables with POJO Objects and then provides various APIís to perform different types of operations on the data tables.

ORM(Object/Relational mapping) is way through which we persist database in data and mapping between table in  object forms .

ORM(Object/Relational mapping) is very usefully where we need to persist database for future use. The all data of database is  persist with relationship at once

There are many ORM tools are available in market for different languages:

Like for Java we have more than 20 tools in the market some most impotent are
EJB, Enterprise Java Beans
Java Persistence API (JPA)
Hibernate, open source ORM framework, widely used

ADO.NET Entity Framewor( .NET Framework 3.5 SP1+)
iBATIS, free open source, maintained by ASF but now inactive
NHibernate, open source


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