Global variable in C++ by R4R Team

What is global variable?
-Global variable are those whose scope are present everywhere in the program.
-or, global variable can be accessible from anywhere in the program.
-global variable are destroy when the execution of program stop.

How make global variable?
To make a variable as a global we have a two method:
-declared variable from outside of the function.
-or, if we make a variable inside function then write "global data_type variable_name"

How we access global variable if local variable are also have same name?


#include< iostream>
//global variable
int a=10;
class r4r
//local variable
int a=20;
void func()
cout<<"Local variable is: "<< a;
cout<<"Global variable is: "<< ::a;
int main()
r4r obj;


Local variable is: 20
Global variable is: 10

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