Introduction to C++ by R4R Team

Introduction to c++

-Extended form of C language
-Also called C language with classes.
-C++ was Developed by Bjarne stroustrup at bell labs.
-C++ comprises of both high level language & low level language features that's by it is also called as intermediate level language
-C++ is a multiparadigm, statically typed language, free form language, compiled language, general-purpose language.
-C++ is object oriented programming language but not purely because its also supports procedural language, that means that we can also write the code f C language in C++. but visa versa is not true.
-C++ also based on object oriented that via it supports polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, virtual function, operator overloading, functional overloading etc.

How take input in C++
we use 'cin>>' to take input

How display something in C++
we use 'cout<<' to do this.

Which header file define cin and cout?
- It means input/output stream.

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