What is object oriented programming ? by R4R Team

Object oriented programming:

-Object Oriented programming is a programming that is based on the concept of Class, Objects and various other things related these two, i.e., Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation and there are many concept of object orientation programming language.

Class is a blueprint of the objects that is combination of the data method and data members
If we take an example of the human and body of human, then Here we can consider Human as the class and Human body part is considered as Entity of that class.

Object of class is the physical appearance of that class.
The class may have multiple objects

When one class inherit the properties of another class then this concept is called as inheritance.

Something that have many forms called as polymorphism

Data hiding is called as Abstraction

Data type or data memeber are shown as one entity is called as encapsulation.

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