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What is name space in C++?

Name space in C++ :

-The namespace is a logical division of the code which is designed to stop the naming conflict. 

-The namespace defines the scope where the identifiers such as variables, class, functions are declared. 

-The main purpose of using namespace in C++ is to remove the ambiguity. 

-Ambiguity occurs when the different task occurs with the same name. 

For example: 

if there are two functions exist with the same name such as add().

In order to prevent this ambiguity, the namespace is used. 

Functions are declared in different namespaces. 

C++ consists of a standard namespace, i.e., std which contains inbuilt classes and functions. 

So, by using the statement "using namespace std;" includes the namespace "std" in our program. 

Syntax of namespace:

 namespace namespace_name 

//body of namespace; 


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