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What is Executors in java Executor Framework?

In java multi-threading environment there's a close connection between the task being done by a new thread, as defined by its Runnable object, and the thread itself, as defined by a Thread object.

This works well for small applications, but in large-scale applications, it makes sense to separate thread management and creation from the rest of the application. Objects that encapsulate these functions are known as executors

Executors is a factory that provides the methods to return ExecutorService, ScheduledExecutorService, ThreadFactory. Find some method details. 

newFixedThreadPool(): It returns the pool with fixed number of size. We need to pass the number of threads to this method. If concurrently task are submitted more than the pool size, then rest of task need to wait in queue. It returns ExecutorService.

newScheduledThreadPool: This also creates a fixed size pool but it can schedule the thread to run after some defined delay. It is useful to schedule the task. It returns ScheduledExecutorService.

newCachedThreadPool(): There is no fixed size of this pool. Thread will be created at run time and if there is no task it will alive for 60 second and then die. For short lived threads this pool works good. It returns ExecutorService.

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