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What do you understand by Executor Framework in Java, what is java executor framework

Executor Framework in java has been introduced in JDK 5. Executor Framework handles creation of thread, creating the thread pool and checking health while running and also terminates if needed.

This was introduced to fix some of the shortcomings discussed below.

1. The Executor framework is a framework for standardizing invocation, scheduling, execution, and control of asynchronous tasks according to a set of execution policies.

2. Even though the threads are light-weighted than creating a process, creating them utilizes a lot of resources. Also, creating a new thread for each task will consume more stack memory as each thread will have its own stack and also the CPU will spend more time in context switching.

Creating a lot many threads with no bounds to the maximum threshold can cause application to run out of heap memory. So, creating a ThreadPool is a better as a finite number of threads can be pooled and reused. The runnable or callable tasks will be placed in a queue, and the finite number of threads in the pool will take turns to process the tasks in the queue.

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