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How to access private field using Reflection in Java?

Accessing Private Fields

To access a private field call the Class.getDeclaredField(String name) or Class.getDeclaredFields() method. The methods Class.getField(String name) and Class.getFields() methods only return public fields, so they won't work. Here is a simple example of a class with a private field, and below that the code to access that field via Java Reflection:

public class PrivateObject {

private String privateString = null;

public PrivateObject(String privateString) {

this.privateString = privateString;



PrivateObject privateObject = new PrivateObject("The Private Value");

Field privateStringField = PrivateObject.class.getDeclaredField("privateString");


String fieldValue = (String) privateStringField.get(privateObject);

System.out.println("fieldValue = " + fieldValue);

This code example will print out the text "fieldValue = The Private Value", which is the value of the private field privateString of the PrivateObject instance created at the beginning of the code sample.

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