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What ie Thread Safety in java ?

Java Thread Safety
1 Thread safety is the process to make our program safe to use in multithreaded environment, there are different ways through which we can make our program thread safe.
2 Synchronization is the easiest and most widely used tool for thread safety in java.
3 Use of Atomic Wrapper classes from java.util.concurrent.atomic package. For example AtomicInteger
4 Use of locks from java.util.concurrent.locks package.
5 Using thread safe collection classes, check this post for usage of ConcurrentHashMap for thread safety.
6 Using volatile keyword with variables to make every thread read the data from memory, not read from thread cache.
7 Adding synchronized to this method will makes it thread-safe. When synchronized is added to a static method, the Class object is the object which is locked.

class MyCounter {

private static int counter = 0;

public static synchronized int getCount() {

return counter++;



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