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What is Bootstrap, Extension and System Class loader?

Every class loader has a predefined location, from where they loads class files. Bootstrap ClassLoader is responsible for loading standard JDK class files from rt.jar and it is parent of all class loaders in Java. Bootstrap class loader don't have any parents, if you call String.class.getClassLoader() it will return null and any code based on that may throw NullPointerException in Java. Bootstrap class loader is also known as Primordial ClassLoader in Java.

Extension ClassLoader delegates class loading request to its parent, Bootstrap and if unsuccessful, loads class form jre/lib/ext directory or any other directory pointed by java.ext.dirs system property. Extension ClassLoader in JVM is implemented by sun.misc.Launcher$ExtClassLoader.

Third default class loader used by JVM to load Java classes is called System or Application class loader and it is responsible for loading application specific classes from CLASSPATH environment variable, -classpath or -cp command line option, Class-Path attribute of Manifest file inside JAR. Application class loader is a child of Extension ClassLoader and its implemented by sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader class. Also, except Bootstrap class loader, which is implemented in native language mostly in C, all Java class loaders are implemented using java.lang.ClassLoader.

In short here is the location from which Bootstrap, Extension and Application ClassLoader load Class files.

1) Bootstrap ClassLoader - JRE/lib/rt.jar

2) Extension ClassLoader - JRE/lib/ext or any directory denoted by java.ext.dirs

3) Application ClassLoader - CLASSPATH environment variable, -classpath or -cp option, Class-Path attribute of Manifest inside JAR file.

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