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6. What is multiple inheritance and does java support?

If a child class inherits the property from multiple classes is known as multiple inheritance.
Java does not allow to extend multiple classes but to overcome this problem it allows to implement multiple Interfaces.

Example:  The following Sports interface is extended by Hockey and Football interfaces.


//Filename: Sports.java

public interface Sports


public void setHomeTeam(String name);

public void setVisitingTeam(String name);


//Filename: Football.java

public interface Football extends Sports


public void homeTeamScored(int points);

public void visitingTeamScored(int points);

public void endOfQuarter(int quarter);


//Filename: Hockey.java

public interface Hockey extends Sports


public void homeGoalScored();

public void visitingGoalScored();

public void endOfPeriod(int period);

public void overtimePeriod(int ot);



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