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What is the difference between thread and process?

Thread is subset of Process, in other words one process can contain multiple threads. Two process runs on different memory space, but all threads share same memory space. Don't confuse this with stack memory, which is different for different thread and used to store local data to that thread. Java provides excellent support for multi-threading at language level, and its also one of strong selling point.

 see some more differences between Process vs Thread in Java to get a clear idea about What is process and What is Thread in Java :

1) Both process and Thread are independent path of execution but one process can have multiple Threads.

2) Every process has its own memory space, executable code and a unique process identifier (PID) while every thread has its own stack in Java but it uses process main memory and share it with other threads.

3) Threads are also refereed as task or light weight process (LWP) in operating system

4) Threads from same process can communicate with each other by using Programming language construct like wait and notify in Java and much simpler than inter process communication.

5) Another difference between Process and Thread in Java is that it's How Thread and process are created. It's easy to create Thread as compared to Process which requires duplication of parent process.

6) All Threads which is part of same process share system resource like file descriptors , Heap Memory and other resource but each Thread has its own Exception handler and own stack in Java.

There were some of the fundamental difference between Process and Thread in Java. Whenever you talk about Process vs Thread, just keep in mind that one process can spawn multiple Thread and share same memory in Java. Each thread has its own stack.

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