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What is use of throws keyword?

In java the use of throws is, if a code written within a method throws an exception, there can be two cases.

 Either the code is being enclosed by try block and exception handling is implemented in the same method, or the method can throws the exception to the calling method simply.

This is what ‘throws’ does in exception handling, it throws the exception to immediate calling method in the hierarchy. The throws keyword appears at the end of a method's signature. See the example

//Example for demonstrating throws :-

    public void callingMethod() {  
      try {  
       calledMethod();  // here the exception is handled   
      } catch (IOException e) {  
       // TODO Auto-generated catch block  
     public void calledMethod() throws IOException{  
      BufferedReader bfr = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));  
      bfr.readLine(); // because of throws keyword the exception occured here will be handled by calling method  

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