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What is the difference between Iterator and Enumeration ?

The difference between Iterator and Enumeration are following:-

                                        Iterator                           Enumeration
1 Iterators allow the caller to remove elements from the underlying collection during the iteration with its remove() method. 1 Using enumerator You can not add/remove elements from a collection.
2 Iterator is available in all modern collection classes. 2 Enumeration is available in legacy classes i.e Vector/Stack etc.
3 Iterator has improved method names e.g. Enumeration.hasMoreElement() has become Iterator.hasNext(). 3 Enumeration has Enumeration.nextElement() has become Iterator.next().
4 Iterator Can be abstract, final, native, static, or synchronized. 4 Enumerator behave as a read-only interface because it has a method to retrieve and traverse the object.
5 Iterator is more secure and safe as compared to Enumeration because it doesn't allow other thread to modify the collection object while some thread is iterating over it and throws.  

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