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Which HTTP method is non-idempotent?

A HTTP method is said to be idempotent if it returns the same result every time the request process. HTTP methods like GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS are idempotent method becouse they return the same result at each request processed over the server and we should implement our application to make sure these methods always return same result. HTTP method POST is non-idempotent method and we should use post method when implementing something that that dynamic in nature or we can say changes with every request.

For example, to access resources such as an HTML page JSP page tales from database or image, we should use GET method because it will always return the same object but if we have to save some information to database like customer info users info or other data, we should use POST method. Idempotent methods are also known as safe methods and we donít care about the repetitive request from the client for safe methods. 

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