string.h header file in C by R4R Team

Here we learn about the string library

i.e., string.h

What is string.h ?

-It is the header file for the string function.
-We can perform various operation directly on string using function that are written inside it.

How include in program ?

Use following line to do this:
#include< stdio.h>

Function that predefined in this file :
strcat(): use for concatenate two string.
strcmp(): use to compare two string.
strcpy() : use to copy one string into another.
strlen() : use to find the length of the string.
strrev() : use to reverse the given string.
strncmp() : use to compare two string upto nth index.
strcpy() : use tpo copy one string into another upto nth index.
strchr() : use to get the subpart of the string.

Use of string.h is mandatory ?
No, we use this header file and function for direct use.
If you want to use your code on the string, So you are free.

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